World Bank’s opposition to contractualization ban revolting – KMU

We vehemently condemn the World Bank for expressing its opposition to moves to end contractualization in the country.

The defense of contractualization made by Mara Warwick, World Bank Philippines country director – on the basis of the multilateral institution’s “Labor Market Review: Employment and Poverty in the Philippines” report – is most revolting.

It again shows that the World Bank is an evil institution. It was instrumental in the imposition of policies that press down wages, promote contractual employment, and violate trade-union rights in the country. It made the implementation of these policies a precondition for the granting of previous government’s loans. It has consistently served the interests of big foreign and local capitalists.

Contractualization is a wholesale violation of workers’ basic rights and its eradication should be a top agenda of any institution that truly serves workers and the poor. It is most unacceptable that the profits of big foreign and local capitalists continue to grow, as attested by the World Bank, while workers suffer from growing hunger and poverty because of contractualization.

The World Bank is pleading to Filipino workers to endure contractualization by dangling the hope, largely false, that good jobs are coming. The truth is that workers in the US, Europe and other industrialized countries have been suffering from growing precarization of work in recent decades.

Contractualization is being implemented not to pave the way for the arrival of good jobs, but because big foreign and local capitalists are benefiting from it. Only the resistance of workers and peoples stand the chance of rolling back this anti-worker attack. The Filipino workers and people have every right and all the solid reasons to fight for contractualization’s complete junking.

The World Bank is known the world over for its megadam projects, which denies drinking water to millions of people so that global monopoly corporations can rake in huge profits. It is now trying to justify the denial of the most basic workers’ rights through contractualization so that big foreign and local capitalists can rake in huge profits.

The World Bank’s recent statement against the banning of contractualization is similar to the US government’s recent statement re-labeling the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army as terrorist groups. They are masquerading as objective reports but aim to thwart progressive reforms which President-elect Rodrigo Duterte vow to implement – the resumption of peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and the banning of contractual employment.

We are calling on the Filipino workers and people to reject the World Bank’s lies, which it uses to try to justify its evil prescriptions that attack the basic rights of workers and all Filipinos.