Workers seek dialogue with newly formed TWG on contractualization


DSC_0038National labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno is seeking a dialogue with the newly formed Department of Labor and Employment Technical Working Group on contractualization to present workers’ proposals on how to end all contractual employment schemes.


“We welcome the DOLE’s formation of a technical working group to address labor contractualization in the country. Workers are eager to sit down with them and present our concrete and actionable proposals on how to totally curb all contractual employment schemes” Jerome Adonis, KMU secretary general, said.
Labor Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III is set convene today DOLE regional directors, selected heads of bureaus, attached agencies, and services to discuss issues and strategies to fulfill the Duterte administration’s commitment to end labor contractualization in the country.


KMU insisted that the government’s anti-contractualization efforts must aim to promote regular employment by ending all forms of labor contractualization as all contractual employment schemes violates workers’ rights.

“Labor-Only Contracting and Job Contracting must both be outlawed. All forms of contractual employment schemes denies workers’ their basic rights and tramples their dignity as human beings. Contractual workers, whether employed in legal or illegal schemes, are subjected to worst forms of labor exploitation” Adonis said.

The labor center also slammed the Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines for “posturing” against contractualization saying these big businesses only pushing for the institutionalization of Job Contracting.

“These Pontius Pilates only want to wash their hands clean for it is they who have long been the promoters of contractual employment in the country. They are merely posturing against labor only contracting to legalize and institutionalize their own contractualization schemes” said Adonis.

The KMU meanwhile urged the Duterte administration to depart itself from the previous Aquino administration by not following its line of distinction between legal and illegal contractualization schemes.

“President Duterte promised that contractualization will stop when he assumes presidency. He did not say some contractualization will stop and some will be legalized. To fulfill his promise of change, the Duterte administration should promote regular jobs by ending all contractualization schemes. This is the change that workers’ need.” Adonis said.