Workers geared for Boni Day rally vs creeping dictatorship, Duterte’s pro-‘RevGov’ front orgs’ sabotage of Nov 30 protests slammed

Workers led by national labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno are all geared-up for tomorrow’s Bonifacio Day protests against the Duterte government’s fascism, state-terrorism and creeping dictatorship in Mendiola.

“Workers will commemorate the 154th birthday of our working class hero Andres Bonifacio by protesting the fascist Duterte regime’s crackdown of legal organizations and establishment of his US-backed dictatorship either through a revolutionary government, through charter-change or through martial law extension,” Lito Ustarez, KMU vice-chairperson for political and external affairs, said.

The national labor center meanwhile condemned the Duterte government’s maneuvers to sabotage the yearly Bonifacio Day protests by mobilizing its “front organizations” to hold a pro-Revolutionary Government rally on November 30 in Mendiola and other venues all over the country where anti-Duterte dictatorship rallies are set to be held.

“We condemn Duterte for mobilizing the front organizations of his terrorist state to sabotage and disrupt our workers’ protests tomorrow. What is even enraging is that this government is using our taxes to fund these pro-RevGov activities in a desperate attempt to cover-up growing protests against his fascist rule by creating an illusion of public clamor for a Duterte dictatorship,” Ustarez said.

KMU also condemned the killing of Karapatan Negros coordinator Elisa Badayos and farmer/ barangay tanod Elioterio Moises who were part of a 30-member fact finding mission team in Bayawan, Negros Oriental yesterday.

“Duterte’s words are being put in action by his death squads. The killing of Badayos and Moises are part of Duterte’s intensified crackdown against critics of his mass murdering regime. This madman of a President’s killing spree will worsen as he establishes himself as a US-backed fascist dictator,” Ustarez said.

Workers prepared a 30 by 14 feet effigy of President Duterte to be burned during tomorrow’s protests. The effigy depicted Duterte as a “BullyDog” handled by “Uncle Sam” which shows how the US-backed Duterte dictatorship uses fascism and state-terrorism to force Filipinos in accepting his anti-worker and anti-poor policies.