Turnaround in TUCP’s stand vs contractualization slammed


IMG_9209National labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno slammed the sudden turnaround of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP)-Nagkaisa faction’s position against contractualization.

“We are disgusted by the TUCP-Nagkaisa’s sudden shift in their stand against contractualization. They have betrayed Filipino workers by taking the side of capitalists in institutionalizing contractual employment in the country,” said Jerome Adonis, KMU secretary general said.


Alan A. Tanjusay, spokesperson of the TUCP-Nagkaisa, yesterday announced that their union has shifted in their position and now recognizes that contractual employment can be appropriate in some cases.


“Violations of workers’ rights can never be appropriate in any case. Our rights to regular jobs, decent wages and to organization and collective bargaining, which are being trampled by contractualization, are not negotiable.” Adonis said.


The labor leader stressed KMU’s position that all forms of contractualization must be banned.


“All contractual employment schemes violate workers’ rights and dignity. These schemes, whether the legal job contracting or the illegal labor-only contracting, subjects workers to the worst forms of exploitation and therefore should be banned” said Adonis.


The KMU claimed that workers have already drafted proposals to President Duterte and to labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III on how to end all forms of contractualization.


“We have drafted concrete and actionable proposals on how to curb all contractualization schemes. We will push the Duterte administration to heed these proposals to fulfill its commitment of ending contractualization” Adonis said.