The consequence of failing to deliver: On Aquino’s vow to be run over by a train

Filipinos are talking about Pres. Noynoy Aquino’s infamous promise: if the LRT-1 Cavite Extension Project is not concluded within the year, he will go and stand in front of a moving train. The deadline is almost up, and through social media, citizens are reminding the chief executive of his promise. Their reminder has become too loud that Malacañang was forced to respond.

As many astute observers have commented, Aquino sealed the promise by invoking the good lessons that his parents taught him. Malacañang decries that the promise must not be taken literally; however, that does not mean it should not be taken seriously.

Filipinos are talking about the promise not because they think that the president will literally let himself be run over by a train. Their anger is not particular to the LRT-1 Cavite Extension Project. Rather, it is merely symptomatic of widespread dissatisfaction and anger regarding the MRT-LRT-PNR in general, and even the whole public transportation system, all of which got worse under Aquino.

Filipinos are critical and angry towards Aquino’s bold promises – in this area among many other fields of governance – and after six years, his massive failure to deliver.

The deaths of his mother and father were mourned by many Filipinos. Aquino is ending his term with Filipinos anticipating his being run over by a train. Literal or not, the message is clear: Filipinos long to be rid of Aquino, and this time, without even a trace of mourning.

Under Aquino’s presidency, ordinary citizens have been brutally sideswiped by his Daang Matuwid; now, they rightfully demand Aquino’s turn to suffer the consequences.