P21 wage hike in NCR measly, insulting – KMU

Filipino workers are not jubilant over the measly and insulting 21 peso wage increase for workers in the National Capital Region. We are even enraged that the Duterte government through its, regional wage boards remain futile in addressing Filipino workers’ demands for a substantial wage hike.

Filipino workers have long been demanding for the implementation of a National Minimum Wage that would increase wages to P750 daily or P16,000 monthly not just in NCR but in the entire country.

Instead of heeding our demands, the Duterte government is insulting workers with a measly 21 peso increase that would even be futile amidst the unabated increases in the prices of basic goods and services.

Even with NCR wages increased to P512, it still does not come half of the Family Living Wage, or the amount needed by a family of six to survive, which has also already increased to P1,130 according to independent think-tank Ibon Foundation. Worse, wages in regions outside the NCR remain way below living standards especially in the Southern Tagalog region where the minimum wage only stand at a meager P235.

The Duterte government is mistaken if it thinks that this measly increase would pour cold water over Filipino workers’ growing outrage over his legalization of contractualization, railroading of a Compressed Work Week bill and gross violations of human rights under his tyrannical rule.