On the Davao Bombing

Filipino workers strongly condemn the bombing in Davao City that has killed at least 15 and wounded over 80 people. We demand justice for the victims of this heinous act of terror that deliberately targeted civilians to spread fear, violence and chaos in the country.

We seek that the perpetrators of this terror attack be brought to justice. However, we are alarmed with President Duterte’s declaration of a state of lawlessness on a nationwide scale which also includes the war on drugs. Such declaration could further unleash the brutal and fascist character of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police which could result in gross violations of human rights against civilians especially the Moro people.

We have every reason to believe that the Davao bombing was an act of terror orchestrated by the US government and their lapdogs in the AFP using their long time terrorist bogey Abu Sayyaf Group to create havoc and unrest in the country to justify the increased deployment and presence of US troops in the country especially in Mindanao.

It is no secret that the ASG has been created, funded, trained and operated by the US’ Central Intelligence Agency and the AFP to justify US intervention and violations of our sovereignty under the guise of the war on terror.

We demand that President Duterte stand with the Filipino people against these US orchestrated acts of terror. He should immediately cut all unequal ties with the US particularly the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, the Visiting Forces Agreement, the Mutual Defense treaty and the Mutual Logistics and Support Agreement that gave license to the US to meddle with our internal affairs and commit such heinous acts of violence and terror against the Filipino people.