Noynoy wrong, Marcos apology not enough – KMU

12118865_1633508430256748_2420175458666154341_nPres. Noynoy Aquino said yesterday that an apology from the Marcos family would be enough for the Filipino people to forgive them. He even proposed the following statement to constitute the Marcos family’s apology: “We had this opportunity to turn this country great as our father promised – it didn’t happen. We apologize, we want to make amends.”

First of all, an apology is not enough for the Filipino workers and people to forgive the Marcos family. There should be justice and accountability for their crimes against the country. They have long been judged by Filipinos to be guilty of major crimes including plunder and human rights violations. The cases against them should be pursued by the government.

It is clear, however, that Aquino wants to give the Marcos family a way out from the Filipino workers’ and people’s condemnation. He is strengthening the Marcoses’ campaign to make a comeback. The statement of apology that he is proposing is empty and evasive. In promising national forgiveness in exchange for an empty apology, Aquino is displaying nothing less than disgusting ruling-class unity against the Filipino workers and people.

The Aquino family, like the Marcos family, is also guilty of grave crimes against the Filipino workers and people. It is also guilty of plunder and human-rights violations. Its current spokesperson, Noynoy Aquino, has no moral authority to demand an apology from the Marcoses. He should also be held accountable for his crimes after the end of his term in 2016.