Martial law extension condemned, workers vow to fight Duterte’s authoritarian rule

Filipino workers strongly condemn the special joint congress session for voting in favor of the extension of President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of martial law in Mindanao until December 31, 2017.

The overwhelming vote for martial law extension is baseless and is purely a showcase of political patronage.

There can be no legal nor moral basis to extend Duterte’s destruction of people’s lives and livelihood, curtailment of democratic rights and suppression of the people’s legitimate demands and struggles.

Duterte’s martial law is not aimed at combatting terrorism but has in fact sowed state-terrorism in the form of bombardment of civilian communities, forced evacuation of hundreds of thousands, dispersal of legitimate workers’ strikes, and gross atrocities and human rights violations.

The congress’ vote to extend Duterte’s martial law would pave way to the establishment of a US-backed authoritarian state administered by fascists, warmongers, peace saboteurs and human rights violators.

Filipino workers are ever determined to resist Duterte’s martial law and looming authoritarian rule. On Monday, Duterte’s second SONA, thousands of Filipino workers will march to Batasan to condemn the extension of martial law and assert our legitimate demands for a genuine national democratic change.