Justice for Mamasapano deaths!

Today, we mark the first anniversary of the Mamasapano bloodbath by joining protests calling for justice.

We point to the US government, Pres. Noynoy Aquino and his chief accomplice in the Philippine National Police, Alan Purisima, as the masterminds behind this crime. The regime’s lies have failed to insulate the main culprits from blame in the eyes of the Filipino workers and people.

We demand the jailing of Aquino and Purisima over this crime. Former Department of Interior and Local Government Sec. Mar Roxas did not at the very least condemn Aquino and Purisima for bypassing him in launching the botched operation. He deserves to lose his presidential bid for this.

We demand the junking of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, the Visiting Forces Agreement, and other agreements that legalize US military presence in the country. Ultimately, we seek to rid the country of the domination of the US and its allies among the ruling classes.

Mamasapano shows the real face of the so-called “war on terror” of the US. The target was spawned by decades of US brutality towards Muslims and the oppressed workers and peoples of the world. It entailed the violation of the sovereignty of a puppet state and the death of military forces and native populations of the neocolony.

Aquino will go down in history as one of Philippine presidents who are most subservient to the US. We condemn him for allowing the unhampered flight of US drones in Philippine airspace and entry of US ships into Philippine territory. We condemn him for allowing the participation of US troops in combat operations and approving an agreement that legalizes the building of US bases all over the country.