Fare rollback should stop at P7.00

The big-time rollback in global oil prices and even the meager rollbacks in domestic oil prices indeed deserve a rollback in jeepney fares. But unless a big-time rollback in domestic oil prices in the vicinity of P5.00 per liter is carried out, we believe that the rollback in the basic jeepney fares should stop at P7.00.

We should exercise compassion towards the country’s jeepney drivers. They are some of the hardest working Filipinos and are some of the hardest on cash. Before the latest rollback, most of the jeepney drivers in Metro Manila were taking home no more than P400 a day, below the P481 minimum wage in the region.

The rollback in jeepney fares is just crumbs compared with the effects of more important measures that the government should take in response to the big-time rollbacks in oil prices worldwide:

(1) It should order the Big 3 oil cartel to implement an even bigger price rollbacks. Studies show that they should have lowered their the per liter prices of diesel and gasoline by P8.00 and P15.00 respectively but have refused to do so until now.

(2) It should order a rollback in fares for the MRT and LRT, which depend on oil for their operation. The fact that MRT and LRT fares are unresponsive to oil prices exposes the layers upon layers of anomalous privatization contracts that are burdensome to all Filipinos.

(3) It should order a rollback in power and water rates. This is also another area where anomalous privatization contracts that are burdensome to Filipinos hinder service rates from being responsive to lower oil prices.

While domestic oil prices have been decreasing, vehicular traffic, especially in Metro Manila, has been getting worse. The unbearable traffic, which has been worsened by the Aquino government’s policies, is taking its toll on the earnings of jeepney drivers.

Si Aquino, ang kinakaya-kaya lagi ay ang mga drayber, manggagawa at maralita sa pagtatanggol sa interes ng malalaking kapitalista at haciendero (Aquino has always been thugging up on jeepney drivers, workers and the poor in defending the interests of big capitalists and landlords).