Bello told: End, not spread contractualization



In a press conference today in Quezon City, national labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno called on Labor Secretary Sylvestre Bello III to sign the labor sectors’ proposed department order as opposed to the current anti-worker policy drafted by the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE). The draft of the Department Order 168 is set to blatantly legalize contractualization of all types of job functions to third party service providers.

“DOLE’s DO 168 is the most dangerous anti-worker policy on contractualization yet. It will allow the contractualization of all jobs that directly violates President Duterte’s marching order and the Filipino peoples’ demand,” said Elmer “Ka Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson.

The labor leader rejected the new DO’s policy of regularization through service providers calling it a cheap-trick to make capitalists’ violations of workers’ rights acceptable.

“Workers will not be fooled by the DOLE’s sugar-coating of contractualization’s gross labor rights violations. Their new DO precisely serves the objective of all contractual employment schemes which is to liberate principal employers from all obligations under permanent employer-employee relationships from which Philippine and international labor laws are based,” said Labog.

KMU also claimed that by ridding any employer-employee relationship between the principal employer and their workers, the DOLE’s new DO would pave way to further violations of workers’ rights.

“Not only would this policy result to more and more workers being hired through manpower agencies under legalized contractual employment schemes, it would even subject workers to worse labor rights violations as the absence of employer-employee relationship gives freedom to capitalists to siphon super profits through extreme labor exploitation,” Labog said.

The labor center meanwhile announced their plan to hold a series of protests to call for the junking of the DO 168 and to insist that President Duterte fulfill his promise to heed workers’ demand to end all forms of contractualization.
On February 3, KMU will launch a “Nationwide Protest” in all three major islands in the country. Thousands of workers are set to join the big mobilization in their respective key cities.

“We call on all Filipino workers to show their outrage against the DOLE’s betrayal of our demand for regular jobs. Let us unite and let our voices be heard until the DOLE junk its anti-worker DO and push president Duterte to heed our demand to end all forms of contractualization.” Labog said.