Anti-contractualization tough talk needs tough action

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National labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno urged President Rodrigo Duterte to present concrete policies that would end contractualization in the country following the President’s tough statements against employers practicing contractual employment schemes.

“We appreciate President Duterte’s firm commitment to end contractualization. But tough talk needs tough actions. The administration must have clear and concrete policies that would ban all contractual employment schemes and force capitalists to respect workers’ rights to regular jobs,” Jerome Adonis, KMU secretary general, said.

The KMU stressed that they already presented before Labor Undersecretary Joel Maglunsod the concrete and doable workers’ proposals to on how to curb contractualization which includes the junking of the DOLE Department Order 18-A and the ordering of the “super-majority” in Congress to certify as urgent the House Bill 556 or the Regular Employment Bill filed by Anakpawis Partylist that would amend the Labor Code and junk its Article 106-109.

“President Duterte should not worry that the government has not enough money or personnel to conduct inspections. Once he has set concrete policies and measures that would deem all contractualization schemes illegal, workers are ever willing to work with him in pin-pointing employers that would violate his orders” Adonis said.

The labor leader also urged Duterte to criminalize the practice of all contractual employment schemes claiming that like crimes and drugs, contractualization has become rampant in the country with four out of ten (43.5%) of rank-and-file workers are now hired under various contractual employment schemes.

“Contractualization is a crime that destroys the future of our workers and their families. It violates every basic workers rights, it demeans their dignity as human beings and subjects workers to the worst forms of exploitation” Adonis said.

“Capitalists who practice contractual employment schemes are profit addicts and should be heavily penalized. They abuse our workers blood, sweat and tears to get high on profits” he added.

The KMU meanwhile expressed their willingness to work with the Duterte administration in drafting policies that would totally end contractualization and other pro-worker measures that would promote regular jobs, living wages and uphold workers’ democratic rights.